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How it Works


The Set Up

The moment you subscribe to our services you will receive a welcome emailed titled "Welcome Aboard". From there you will be given a form to fill out with all the tasks you have in mind (if you don't know what you want yet don't worry! Leave it blank) and a link to schedule a kick off call at your earliest convenience 


The Launch

Within 1-5 days of our initial meeting we will begin working and launching what we have discussed. You may ask for an update anytime and intervene with task changes or some news about your business. Our lines of communication are open to our clients every day to ensure our clients get the best service possible


The Upkeep

As we move closer to the goals we have set up, we will continue to monitor current marketing strategies and as we reach our targets we set new higher ones. We contact you each month with at least one report. We'll continue improving your business while communicating with you and handling other tasks assigned by you in tandem with our big goals

When hiring Secret Agent Marketing, you are essentially hiring a remote marketing department for $1,275 a month. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you decide what to work on or do I need to tell you what I want?

We understand that not all our clients know exactly what they need to be succesful so that is why we always provide feedback on what we should focus on. On the other hand, you can degliate tasks to us and we will knock them out as they come

What kind of services do you offer?

It would be easier for us to tell you what we DONT offer.

1. App development
2. Full Stack Coding (used in development)

Other than that we do everything for your business, everything from creating commercials to writing blogs. Creating and Managing ads to making websites and logos.We do it all

Do you work with small companies or large ones?

Since when you subscribe you will be paired up with your 1 on 1 dedicated manager it doesnt matter if you are a large company or a small company. We also do not have a minimum ad budget which helps small companies and we do not take a percentage of ad budget so that helps large companies. Everyone wins!

How often can we communicate with our personal marketer?

Your project manager will give you his/her contact number for quick access via calls or texts as well as their email address. We want our clients to contact their project manager anytime. Keep in mind, we are human and may be sleeping at the time of text, call or email but we always respond within the same day

How do you come up with advertisments for my company?

We typicaly run an audit on all your past marketing behaviors as well as your competitors and come up with something similiar that works. We also always make sure you approve everything before it launches


Secret Agent Marketing